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Minecraft4Nuggets is a fantastic and exciting server, newly opened by GodNugget. The Minecraft for nuggets server aims to offer the best experience possible for all its members. Minecraft For Nuggets currently has 5 main worlds, with MORE to come… GAME- offering fantastic activities such as easy to hard mazes, FACTIONS, The END, The NETHER, and most importantly… The OVER WORLD. There are so many AWESOME features in the over world; The Nugget God Church (Spawn), the bank- Exchange Emerald, Diamond, Gold and Iron for money, a casino, a police station, a HUGE 5 hotel, a VIP lounge, God store (selling enchanted books etc.) a fantastic market place and mall full of the best items, and a housing estate.

The Minecraft 4 Nuggets server is totally FREE entry, no white-list required. For more benefits, simply go to our website and go to the page "Donate" where there are so many cheap but useful upgrades and get the experience of a lifetime!!! While you're there, feel free to read through the rules, and look at what we have to offer. JOIN US NOW online at Minecraft4Nuggets, with the ip.

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