News: Wolves, Creepers and Thunderstorms

Wolves, Creepers and Thunderstorms

Today my friend finished his house then got blown up by a creeper upon finishing it.

He also found 3 wolves- two of which fell off a cliff.

He made a very confusing three way mine shaft to an escape route (Which he promptly blocked off after one wolf fell down it and died).

He found a cave- with iron ore in it! He found lots of coal in his mine, which he stored in a secret location. Then he forgot where he put it.

He killed a few spiders, got enough string to make a bow, found his wolves could kill other creatures, and one died while attacking a cow.

And a creeper blew up part of his house.

He survived a thunderstorm in a wooden house (his wolves were terrified though).

To top it all off, he didn't die once.

More updates soon!

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