News: The World in The Air!

The World in The Air!

My friend started a minecraft world yesterday (The World in the Air, Seed -1784338777788894343) As anyone would do, he punched trees, then made a little "house" to wait out the night. As any minecrafter WOULDN'T do, he went outside. In the dark. At night. Luckily he wasn't full of holes by the time he went back inside his "house".

The next day he decided to build his house. He cleared a space up on one of the hills and punched some more trees. He then wandered about, and, ignoring my ranting at him for completely missing a patch of coal I had pointed out, he fell off the cliff. After climbing back up, he finally found the patch of coal I had pointed out, and set up a "coal outpost" linking to his house (He linked it up by tunneling up from the coal.) Then he continued building his house. I think he fell of the cliff a few more times.

Thats it for this post. He's coming back round today so I shall report on his progress soon.

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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